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Hola I'm Weimy!

I am an artist with a passion for storytelling that runs deep.


My story begins in the lands of the Dominican Republic, where I took my first steps into this world. At the age of seven, my journey brought me to the shores of Connecticut, a place I've called home ever since. However, the transition wasn't without its challenges. Struggling with a new language, I faced the harsh reality of bullying, which left me feeling voiceless and disconnected.

Middle school and Highschool became my haven, where I discovered the transformative power of acting. With each role, I found my voice anew, weaving stories that resonated not only within me but also with those who watched. Acting became more than a passion—it became my purpose.

Fueled by this passion, I dedicated myself to honing my craft, earning a BFA in Acting from The University of Connecticut.

Through the magic of theater, I rediscovered the freedom and joy of my childhood in the Dominican Republic. Each performance became a journey of self-discovery, as I delved deep into the hearts of characters, finding empathy in their simplest and most complex traits.

With every role, I strive to create art that inspires, moves, and challenges both myself and my audience. Each day, I fall more deeply in love with this craft, finding new depths of understanding and connection that I hope is never-ending.

Today, armed with a wealth of training and an unwavering commitment to my art, I am on a mission to create theater that not only captivates and inspires audiences but also nourishes my soul.

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